At TalentRise, we understand that the COVID-19 situation is a dire one. In the face of such a difficult time for so many people around the world, we remain committed to help as many people as possible. For us, that means doing what we do best: helping leaders overcome challenges and elevate their business performance.

Here’s a list of some challenges your business may be experiencing right now. We’ve added some recommendations to help see you through.

1. Leadership Outlook & Mindset

Stay positive! Understand that many of your employees are dealing with their own unique challenges among the larger COVID crisis. Be understanding. Be warm. Be gentle. Yes, your business is at stake, but every action you take now will have a reaction later on, for better or worse. Your employees will remember how you handled the situation long after it’s over.

2. Hiring

Even if you plan to stop or slow down hiring new employees in the near term, you can use this time to take advantage of slower, less competitive hiring environments. Build future pipelines. Recruit for difficult-to-fill roles that are costly to manage during normal economic times. Upskill your managers in best practices, specifically those which involve digital and video approach to hiring.

3. People Management

When it comes to people management during times like this, there are three things you must do: engage, engage, and engage. Create communication protocols for teams working remotely. Determine technology and other needs for flexibility in a remote workplace. Re-establish expectations for performance and performance indicators.  Implement hubs for work management and discourse.

4. Furloughs

When cash flow dries up, you may need to take immediate, short term action and furlough employees.  Consider putting some employees on a temporary leave of absence now and then retaining them when normal business resumes. You could also consider reducing workloads and implementing half-time hours to keep people on your team. These options will help you avoid making more permanent layoffs that could result in longer term costs to your business (unemployment claims, potential lawsuits, etc.). Understand that this process can be complicated, so it is recommended you seek legal advice right away from a trusted firm that specializes in employment law.

5. Layoffs

Layoffs are never easy. When you can’t furlough or “half-time” employees, consider layoff strategies that will minimize lawsuit risk and protect your brand. Providing a thoughtful, personalized, high-touch experience for departing employees will be a silver lining in an otherwise unfortunate experience. Stay positive. Be helpful. Offer job search, health, benefits, and other resources to help your former employees navigate the talent landscape during uncertain times. Please remember that your messaging is critical.

6. Cost Management

To keep costs as low as possible, optimize your recruiting systems and processes. Analyze your overhead costs and make cuts wherever possible so you can efficiently manage higher volumes of job applicants. Consider investing in AI chatbots and mobile-enabled technologies to automate candidate sourcing, outreach and engagement, pre-screening, scheduling, assessment and onboarding processes. 

7. Technology & Processes

Many of your employees may be required to work from home, but do they have the necessary technologies to do safely and securely? Refine all your processes so you and your teams can function efficiently in a remote environment. Once you’ve done that, keep a close eye on what works and what doesn’t, and then refine your procedures to make your firm run seamlessly.

8. Business Development

Once you’ve made sure your workforce is in a safe, healthy, and happy position, equip them with the time and resources to keep business going. This is perhaps the greatest challenge of all: continuing your business development while maintaining a strong employer brand. Is it okay to pivot your message to handle the disruption? Yes. Do you need to think of new ways to stay relevant in your industry? Absolutely. Reassure your audience that you can manage business effectively during the disruption. Provide fresh and relevant value to potential clients.  Write a blog about what to do next and share it with your clients! 😅

If you are at a crossroads with any of these issues or other talent-related decisions during COVID-19, we’re here to help. For any assistance or added resources, please contact us today. In the meantime, cheers to staying healthy, happy, and productive!