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TalentRise Joins PRAXI Alliance as the Network’s Exclusive U.S. and Canadian Executive Search and Talent Consulting Partner

TalentRise—a retained executive search and talent optimization management consulting firm—recently joined the Italian-based PRAXI Alliance network to provide exclusive executive[...]
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The 4 Cs of C-Suite Personal Branding Part II: Understanding the “Why”

by Pete Petrella
Executive branding is a strategic concept that allows you to be your true self while establishing individuality as a leader within your niche, growing your brand awareness, and creating a following. While expressing your views and opinions, you create a network of like-minded people who elevate your brand and assist you in making a mark […]
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Executive Resources

The 4 Cs of C-Suite Personal Branding Part I: Understanding the “How”

by Pete Petrella
Personal branding assists leaders in distinguishing themselves from other highly qualified executives and helps to define the distinct role the individual sees for themself in the workplace. Executive branding is “the process of creating and building the human-centric personal and professional brand of CEOs, C-suite executives, and entrepreneurs in the context of business growth,” according […]
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TalentRise’s Peter Petrella Predicts 2023 Executive Search Trends

As part of their annual Ecosystem Predictions, Endeavor partners with key leaders in their network to gather predictions about what changes may happen over the next 12 months and what innovations may help foster sustainability and adaptability. To start the 2023 series, TalentRise’s Executive Search Practice Leader, Peter Petrella, shared his predictions around talent attraction […]
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Executive Search

Contingent vs. Retained Search: What’s the Difference?

by Carl Kutsmode
In today’s ever-changing and unpredictable world, the importance of hiring and developing strong upper-level managers and resilient C-suite executives has never been greater. Organizations have witnessed a rising need for leadership teams to face tough challenges head-on. But finding, assessing, and recruiting top-performing talent at this high level can be a challenge. If your organization […]
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Courtney Joy Joins TalentRise as a Talent Optimization Specialist

A Talent Optimization Specialist and certified partner with the Predictive Index (PI), Courtney works within the TalentRise Executive Search and Talent Consulting Practice groups to assist organizations with their talent assessment, strategic alignment, and recruiting needs. Before joining the TalentRise team, Courtney led a recruiting and Predictive Index consulting business. She served organizations across a broad range of […]
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Company Culture

Adopt These 4 Components of Effective Leadership for a Successful New Year

by Kristen Lampert
A strong organizational culture—consisting of shared beliefs and values—is a common denominator in successful companies and has been linked to effective leadership. Effective leaders live their corporate culture every day by leading by example with a clear purpose and going out of their way to build trust and communicate their cultural identities to their employees […]
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A Look at the Damage Prevention Industry

Last month, TalentRise’s Carl Kutsmode sat down with Chris LeBlanc, President and CEO of Norfield Development. Norfield Development is a U.S based software company that provides solutions to the damage prevention industry. Their services provide technologically structured prevention methods in industries ranging from government to infrastructure to 811 contact centers. TalentRise placed Chris in this […]
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Creating Successful Talent Strategies to Achieve Business Results

by Andrew Nash
Known as one of the world’s leading talent optimization platforms, The Predictive Index (PI) uses behavioral data to help thousands of businesses—in nearly every job and industry around the world—improve their hiring decisions. PI recently published its 2022 CEO Benchmarking Report. To compile this report, they surveyed more than 200 executives on their hiring and […]
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Top 10 Recruiting Best Practice Tips

The TalentRise team has compiled our list of top 10 recruiting tips to assist your organization to attract, recruit, and retain high-quality talent in today’s candidate-driven labor market. 1 – Understand your target job candidate demographics and job change motivations and appeal to their, “what’s in it for me” (WIIFM). Areas to focus on: What’s […]
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Autonomous Leadership in a Flexible Work Environment

Workplace flexibility is here to stay and has become a major draw in attracting and retaining top talent. Often flexibility means a hybrid work environment where employees can work from home—or anywhere they want—a few days a week and in the office the other days. However, workers are now starting to more clearly communicate what […]
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