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Executive recruiting services to grow nonprofit organizations.


Having the right executives to lead your team is crucial to the success and growth of your nonprofit organization.

If your organization is looking for high-performing leaders who can align employees, manage strategy, handle finances, and more, we can help. Our recruiting experts can find the best executives to fill your nonprofit’s C-suite and help your organization make a positive impact.

Hire executives for your nonprofit.

We specialize in recruiting nonprofit executives, including:

  • CEO
  • CTO
  • CMO
  • Vice President
  • Director of Development


11 Traits to Look for in a Nonprofit Executive

Nonprofits and the executives who lead them are a critical part of our communities, providing essential services and support to individuals and groups that may otherwise go overlooked. 

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Pain Points in Nonprofit Executive Search and How to Solve Them

Nonprofits serve an important role in our communities and finding the right person to lead them can present a unique set of challenges. Today, we’re sharing some of the biggest pain points in nonprofit executive search and tips on how you can solve them.

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Why Candidate Experience Matters When Hiring Executives

Across all industries, organizations devote an abundance of time and resources to position their brand in the right light. These efforts can take many forms, from advertising campaigns and PR to internal communications and charitable giving.

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