Behavioral Assessment Tool For Talent Optimization

Gain valuable insights into behavioral work styles for potential candidates

Are you struggling to find a good fit for your team?

Startups facing rapid growth and change have a lot to do, and they need to hire the right people quickly to keep the company moving forward. If you’re struggling to find the perfect candidate to meet job requirements and mesh with company culture, you aren’t alone. Many managers find it difficult to assess a candidate’s ability solely based on intuition. Fortunately, TalentRise can help. As a certified Predictive Index partner, we can help you build a stronger talent pipeline and benefit from science-backed results to make your next great hire.

Our talent optimization tool is designed to assess a candidate’s personality and identify the types of workplace environments where they can thrive and stay motivated to meet important business objectives. We give you in-depth analysis and insights on every candidate which can be particularly helpful for companies needing to meet challenging hiring demands with limited resources. This allows you to make quick hiring decisions, benefiting both the candidate and your organization.

Request a 90 minute 1:1 Team Discovery Strategy Session and learn how to gain valuable insights into behavioral work styles for potential candidates. We can help you answer:


  • How can we leverage our team members’ strengths?
  • Where does our team have gaps when it comes to achieving our objectives?
  • What should a new hire bring to the table with respect to those strengths and gaps?
  • How can I gain insights into a candidate’s behavioral work styles and ideal job fit?


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