Why TalentRise?

This is the TalentRise difference.

So, what do you get from TalentRise that you won’t find anywhere else? Executive and expert-led engagements. Metrics-driven results and insights. Collaborative and transparent communications. 
At TalentRise, we help you improve and accelerate business results through talent.


Our team of expert recruiters, skilled researchers, and dedicated consultants is committed to your success. Put simply, we get the job done right.

  • What does “team” stand for? Together, everyone achieves more.


How do we do it? We provide an assessment of your current practices, systems, and strategies. Then we recommend options to best align your goals and capabilities with your future needs. Finally, we implement new technologies, analyze data, and execute innovative tactics and programs that deliver exceptional results.

  • A little methodology goes a long way. Right people. Right place. Right time.


We believe in the power of data. We share analytics and insights throughout every engagement to guide our efforts, which yields results.  

  • How do you measure up in the market? Our numbers don’t lie.

How can we help your business?

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Insights and Resources

8 Business Management Tips to Know During COVID-19

At TalentRise, we understand that the COVID-19 situation is a dire one. In the face of such a difficult time for so many people around the world, we remain committed to help as many people as possible. For us, that means doing what we do best: helping leaders overcome challenges and elevate their business performance. […]
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Top 4 Reasons to Partner with a Talent Consulting Firm

by Carl Kutsmode
In today’s competitive job market, it’s harder than ever to attract and retain high-quality, top performers. As businesses seek to improve their business performance through people, savvier HR leaders understand the value of engaging an HR/talent consulting firm partner such as TalentRise to help them navigate the many—and often complex—decisions they need to make.  Here are my top four reasons to partner with a talent consulting firm.  1. Broaden your perspectives.  Whether  you are assessing […]
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Employer Branding

5 Social Media Mistakes That Are Playing Games with Your Employer Brand

by Kristen Lampert
It’s time employers spent a little more time reflecting on what their brand is telling job candidates—and that means understanding how your audience feels about your company. Every employer has a company brand that communicates its culture, employee value proposition, and overall vibe. Unlike products and services, though, employer branding is often overlooked. A great […]
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