The Value of Successful Executive Onboarding and Integration

How a Well-Defined Onboarding Program Can Lead to Early Success

The development of a purposeful and engaging onboarding program is pivotal for the early success of new hires. This process includes much more than just filling out some initial paperwork; rather, it presents a golden opportunity to properly introduce the new employee to your company’s mission, vision, and values. With a well-defined integration process, your organization can lay a suitable foundation for your new hires while setting them on a path toward a prosperous future.

Despite the shift to virtual onboarding during the coronavirus pandemic, devoting significant time and resources to support this integration process is essential. As most HR experts estimate that onboarding programs can take between six months and a year to fully execute, organizations need to demonstrate prudence and patience for the process to be deemed a success.

To help our clients in optimizing their new hire onboarding experience, our TalentRise team worked with our friends at Strategic Talent Solutions to create a compilation of industry-leading strategies and tactical best practices. By leveraging our findings, we hope to guide your organization in cultivating an integration program that promotes your company’s culture and drives improved performance.

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