How To Best Leverage An External Executive Search Partner

Thirteen Rules for Hitting the Sweet Spot in Your C-Suite Executive Search

In today’s candidate-driven market, finding and engaging the right executive and emerging leadership talent is critical to driving business success. As internal TA and HR departments are being stretched thin due to the massive influx of hiring demands, recruiting for these senior-level roles has proven to be increasingly difficult. And with the expensive price tag associated with sophisticated applicant tracking systems and other recruitment technologies, it may be impractical for your organization to handle these recruiting responsibilities in-house.

When engaging with an outside executive search firm, how can your organization wring every ounce of value out of your partnership to ensure optimal recruiting results? In our latest E-Book, our TalentRise team will educate your organization on how to effectively align with your executive search firm. From the initial kickoff meeting to candidate onboarding, we will help you optimize the success of your C-suite search process when working alongside your executive search partner.

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