In mid-March, COVID-19 began leaving its mark on the American workforce. In the ensuing weeks, millions of workers had lost their jobs, while millions more were left with no choice but to transition to a strenuous work-from-home life.

Our TalentRise team saw the need to offer guidance and support to organizations who struggled to grasp this sudden workplace shift. Led by our host, Senior Leadership and Business Consultant Kristen Lampert, we hosted a series of four webinars to help companies overcome the COVID-19 challenges that hindered their business.

In hosting virtual conversations with prominent industry leaders, TalentRise addressed the following topics:

• Virtual Onboarding in the New Normal

• Virtual Onboarding Best Practices

• Navigating Through Crisis

• Optimizing Training/Learning & Development

Our newest eBook shares some of the top lessons that we took away from our webinar series. We hope you can use these tips as a reference to help your organization in conforming to the new virtual workplace environment.

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