TalentRise Senior Vice President & Talent Consulting Practice Lead Carl Kutsmode is back from the HR Tech Conference in Las Vegas, and for once, what happened in Vegas is not staying in Vegas.

“There are so many new opportunities to implement automation and AI in our industry,” says Carl. “Here are three impressive platforms you can use to automate your HR, recruitment, and workforce management processes right away.”


Is your workforce frustrated with the current state of communications at your place of business? Questions about company policies or insurance incentives can be burdensome to in-house staff or hard to find answers for among office intranets. With Barista, all that goes away.

Barista is a user-friendly “virtual support agent” (VSA) that serves as an Alexa or Siri for your staff. From enterprise AI company Espressive, Barista’s AI features allow employees to ask questions and receive answers immediately.  

“Barista’s AI platform simplifies employee engagement and onboarding for businesses,” Carl says, “which leads to a higher percentage of new hire retention and more functional HR services delivery system.

Barista is more than just an AI tool for HR—it can also be used to enhance the performance of IT, sales, and other professionals.


Brazen provides four different business communications from a single platform. Dubbed
“the conversational recruiting platform,” Brazen offers the following capabilities:

Recruiting chatbot

Quicker and more consistent engagement is key. With this function, you can pre-screen candidates, collect critical info, and promote your company culture.

Virtual Career Fairs

Want to connect your recruiters and hiring managers online? Host online job fairs that put you in touch with top talent without the time, hassle, or expense of on-site job fairs.


Help your recruiters and candidates start a meaningful dialogue with this embedded chat feature on your website or online job board—an appealing feature to millennials and Gen Z.

Scheduled Chat

No time to chat? It happens. Use this function to schedule a conversation between your recruiters and candidates at a mutually agreeable time. It’s a win-win.

“AI is such an attractive option to job seekers,” Carl say, “because it gives them an opportunity to engage opportunities on their own terms.”


CartaHR is a cloud-based system that syncs up your existing HRIS or HCM systems in a single cloud-based location. Offered by Access, an information management company, CartaHR is a universal place to store, organize, and access all your documents.

“It’s an employee document management platform that can save you time and patience,” says Carl. With CartaHR, you can:

  • Automate time-consuming paper processes
  • Protect sensitive employee information documents
  • Manage, maintain, and monitor important employee documents
  • Eliminate the need for multiple applications

Anyone on your team responsible for managing a contingent workforce? This user-friendly system can help you stay organized and streamline access to critical information, keeping you compliant with state and federal requirements.

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