If there’s one thing my experience in executive search has taught me, it’s that data has power. Nowhere is that more evident than in the executive search process when leveraging behavioral and cognitive assessments. Using people data to make smarter, more efficient hires presents a game-changing scenario for any business—regardless of industry.

Why Do Companies Use Executive Search Firms?

To make more effective talent and hiring decisions, business leaders are turning to assessment tools such as The Predictive Index. With its renowned talent optimization platform, PI enables companies to hire more qualified candidates that better align with their organizational goals—all while reducing time-to-fill metrics.

Looking for ROI-backed reasons why your company should utilize assessment tools during the recruiting process? Here are some of the most compelling advantages to using platforms like The Predictive Index when making executive hiring decisions.

Enhanced quality of hire

When integrating assessment platforms within the search process, the odds of making the wrong hire decrease significantly. Proven software can analyze prospective candidates’ resumes and job applications to ensure that only the most qualified applicants are presented to your hiring managers. When candidates complete the six-minute PI behavioral assessment, companies can gain a more comprehensive understanding of their personality type, motivating drives, and potential blind spots. This valuable information can ensure that companies choose the hire that best aligns with the role, their team, and their overall culture.

Improved time-to-competency

More than 100 years of data-backed scientific research proves that cognitive ability is a strong predictor of job performance. Hundreds of studies have affirmed the direct correlation between a candidate’s perception, intelligence, and comprehension and their on-the-job success using a statistical method called meta-analysis. These meta-analysis results show that cognitive ability consistently predicts job performance better than any other assessment tool available. In fact, data proves that there is a stronger correlation between cognitive ability and job performance than between ibuprofen and pain relief. Connecting an individual’s mental and intellectual wherewithal to their job is a sure-fire way to ensure that your candidate can manage the complexity of the role. 

Building talent pipelines

In many talent searches, applicant pipelines can become incredibly long and unwieldy. In these instances, it can be time-consuming for TA professionals to sort out the candidates that belong versus the candidates that do not. Through PI’s assessment tool, hiring managers can save themselves time while also reducing biases within the recruiting process. TA specialists and hiring managers can pose objective interview questions to candidates to determine the individual’s aptitude for the position and potential fit within the role. PI will ensure that your organization receives only the most qualified applicants for the job—thereby enabling your hiring managers to focus only on a smaller pool of candidates.


In today’s tight labor market, partnering with a trusted talent assessment tool can drive a high return on investment during an executive search. By aligning with a platform like The Predictive Index, HR and TA leaders can benefit from greater candidate fit, science-backed results, and stronger talent pipelines. Moreover, these assessment tools can help to significantly shorten sourcing and recruiting timelines. If you’re looking for a proven solution to your talent acquisition woes, perhaps it’s time to consider a platform like PI.

As a certified Predictive Index partner, our talent experts at TalentRise can help your business get the most out of your recruiting approach. Contact us to learn how we can incorporate talent optimization strategies to boost your bottom-line results.