It is a widely accepted truth that diversity and inclusion are good for business—especially for high-powered companies. For example, Forbes tells us that “the top 100 Fortune 500 companies have more diverse boards than the other 400 companies on the list.”

When considering high-quality candidates for new C-suite positions, what are some policies, procedures, or practices business leaders can implement to diversify their hires?

To answer this question, we asked our own Carl Kutsmode, Senior Vice President of Talent Consulting & Executive Search.

According to Carl, there are at least six good ways to diversify the C-suite:

Invest in employment branding to highlight diversity in your organization.

This is how to attract the best DEI leaders and staff. Also consider creating tailored job applicant experiences for different target talent groups. From there, ensure that those messages, images, etc. are representative of the diversity you seek to attract (and currently have).

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Use video to tell your story of being an inclusive organization.

Why tell people your employees bring their best and WHOLE self to work when you can show them? Video is 55 times more search engine optimized and will be shared more than text content by job candidates who resonate with the content. Tools like SparcStart, Hinterview, and Digi-Me offer turnkey video creation tools to enhance your brand and share your message using video.

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Leverage the power of PR.

Get your leaders who represent various diverse groups in the media—and don’t forget to represent members of the LGBTQ, military, or differently abled communities. Your leaders should be speaking on hot trends while representing your brand, sharing their vision for your company, and highlighting your company’s key selling points making it a great place to work. 

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Embrace and incorporate diverse thoughts and experiences into hiring strategies

Hiring managers tend to get stuck on requiring new hires to come from within their industry when, in many cases, their industry lags in adopting leading-edge best practices. In this mindset, these leaders cut off many well qualified people from progressive and forward-thinking industries who can bring fresh perspectives, ideas, and proven solutions to challenges they encounter in their role. 

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Have a formal diversity recruitment strategy and goals.

Your diversity strategy should include promoting diverse talent from within in addition to hiring diverse talent from outside your company. Clearly communicate and track progress against your diversity hiring goals. Appropriately (and selectively) share your results and progress internally and externally so that talent in the marketplace can see you are committed to DEI and putting action behind words. This will help you attract employees who seek to leave a company that lives in a “check the box” diversity compliance culture. 

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Become a recognized destination employer that diverse talent wants to work for!

Consider submitting applications to qualify for the Forbes, Fortune, and Diversity Inc. annual list of top diverse employers to work for lists and other similar awards. Then use them in your recruitment advertising and branding efforts if you make their list as a winner.

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