Case Study: Archival Agents


Archival Agents is a youth marketing firm that was experiencing frequent hiring spikes with its clients, Adidas and Teva. When the two companies prepared for new product launches, they needed to fill 80 to 90 experienced retail brand ambassadors across 47 U.S. cities in 90 days or less.
Their target profiles were recent graduates with 2+ years of retail experience, a fashion merchandising degree, a passion for marathon running, and a healthy/fit image.


We developed a comprehensive digital online advertising strategy using pay-per-click, geo-targeted recruitment advertising/branding.
From there, we assembled a TalentRise swat team to source passive candidates.
Then we recorded video interviews to accelerate the hiring process, reduce recruiting costs, and improve candidate quality over previous efforts.

30% Increase in ROI Savings


We confirmed 81 hires from a pool of over 6,000 prospective job candidates. Three months later, the client initiated a second phase of the project, during which we filled 62 additional hires in 90 days, including several retail regional management roles.
Compared to prior contingency search and in-house efforts, we improved ROI savings by 30%. After an 18-month partnership, our client was able to bring this model and strategies in house to support its future client needs with internal resources.

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