Case Study: Hollister Co.


Hollister, an American lifestyle brand, manages a Brand Ambassador Program that gives high school students an opportunity to gain real-world work experience. Teenagers, however, aren’t easily sourced from job boards or professional sites.
This presented an interesting hurdle: how do you remotely find fashion-conscious, high-energy, job-qualified teens for a pilot brand ambassador program? In three U.S. cities? And in just two months or less?


It’s no secret than teenagers use mobile phones to engage social media apps. With this understanding, we developed and piloted a strategy to network our client’s opportunity through local parent groups on social media.
We deployed a custom-programmed AI chatbot to engage qualified high schoolers across the target markets. With advertisements on Facebook, we drove targeted content to likely candidates based on their popular interests, geography, and online behaviors. We also used SMS messenger to engage real job conversations inside Facebook.

Facebook Applicants Were 61% More Likely to Submit Applications


Our solution was an intelligent, automated sourcing platform for Hollister. Overall, the chatbot sent 1,350 messages to 188 teenagers, resulting in 145 pre-qualified applicants that yielded 12 hires across three markets for the pilot.
We discovered that applicants who engaged the chatbot were 61% more likely to complete the process than those we initiated through online job postings that led to online job application web forms.

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