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Is your company losing top engineering talent to competitors?

Are you spending too much time recruiting and interviewing top talent and then working to keep them engaged once they’ve joined the organization?

As companies continue to innovate with cutting-edge technologies to maintain a competitive advantage, leaders are challenged with retaining critical, top engineering talent. Our team at TalentRise is embarking on a new study to deepen our collective understanding of why top software engineering talent stays with their current employers.
We will explore retention through: 

  • Desired leadership skills
  • Onboarding and engagement strategies
  • Career path programs designed to retain talent
  • Retention trends by job level, engineer function, demographics, and much more!

Take our software engineer employee retention survey and receive a retention playbook unique to engineers—intended to help you retain top talent.

You will also have access to a free occupation snapshot report for software engineers in your region of choice! This report includes data from Lightcast, including comp, posting competition, diversity, top skills, and more.

If you are in a position to hire or lead software engineers, we are interested in your participation in our survey and/or focus group. HR executives are also welcome to participate.

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