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Occupation Outline: Chief Operating Officer

Formulating and executing high-impact business strategies is just part of what makes the role of COO so critical to an organization’s operational and administrative success. Learn more about the latest hiring and compensation trends for COO positions across the country.

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Occupation Outline: Chief Revenue Officer

Optimizing the alignment between sales, marketing, and customer support departments is integral to the creation of new revenue generation. That’s why the Chief Revenue Officer position has become increasingly prevalent in the current business climate. Check out the latest hiring trends on CRO roles nationwide.

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Occupation Outline: VP of Sales

Savvy and experienced sales leaders are pivotal to an organization’s ability to make inroads with new clients while increasing sales revenue. That’s why the Vice President of Sales position is so important in today’s labor market. Check out the latest talent trends on VP of Sales roles from across the United States.

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Video Interviewing Dos & Don’ts

As the professional world has switched to a virtual setting, so too have candidate interviews. We’ve seen our fair share of mistakes made by jobseekers over the past several months. Download our video interviewing dos & don’ts infographic to learn how you can ace your interview performance!

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