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Monthly Job Market Summary – U.S. and Canada

TalentRise’s monthly overview of the employment landscape, staffing updates, and industry trends.

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Salary Guide – Information Technology

Senior-level information technology (IT) talent is highly sought after, and the demand continues to increase. Companies are feeling the pressure to keep pace as the business world evolves. The shortage of qualified IT candidates has heightened competition and brings new challenges in recruiting. Learn from our IT Salary Guide and connect with the candidates you need to keep your business moving forward.

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Salary Guide – Manufacturing & Logistics

Our nation’s post-pandemic rebound will be extraordinary. As business needs begin to ramp up, manufacturers will begin hiring at a feverish pace. Looking ahead to the future, is your organization armed with a well-designed talent approach to recruit and retain in-demand candidates? By leveraging TalentRise’s Salary Guide, you will be ready to attract high-level C-suite candidates with competitive salary knowledge.

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Salary Guide – Engineering & Technology

The demand for qualified engineering talent has increased dramatically over the past few years. And due to rapid growth within the cleantech and renewable energy space, new roles in engineering and technology are emerging almost by the day. Utilizing our 2022 Engineering & Technology Salary Guide will help position your organization to attract qualified professionals with competitive salary rates at your disposal.

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Salary Guide – Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance candidates that have significant experience in predictive analytics, automation, data visualization, and accounting software are more likely to be approached by hiring managers. Leverage our 2022 Accounting and Finance Salary Guide and you will be well-positioned to attract qualified candidates this year and into the future.

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Behavioral Assessment Tool For Talent Optimization

Gain valuable insights into behavioral work styles for potential candidates with our talent optimization tool. As a certified Predictive Index partner, we can help you build a stronger talent pipeline and benefit from science-backed results to make your next great hire.

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Recruitment Practices Audit

With the rapid economic downturn caused by Covid-19 in 2020, many organizations are using this slower hiring time to evaluate internal operations, systems and practices related to recruiting and retaining top talent.

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Data Culture Readiness Assessment

The effective and consistent use of data to drive people-related decisions provides organizations a competitive advantage in quickly resolving challenges impacted by rapidly changing current (and future) social and economic factors.

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