Recruitment Practices Diagnostic

Recruitment Practices Diagnostic

With the rapid economic downturn caused by Covid-19 in 2020, many organizations are using this slower hiring time to evaluate internal operations, systems and practices related to recruiting and retaining top talent. TalentRise has created a brief self diagnostic to help you assess your current recruiting practices so that you can:

1) Identify recruiting systems, strategies and process improvement opportunities to realign your organizational delivery model with changing future talent needs in a more remote workplace.

2) Improve candidate experience and quality of hire to position your company to better compete for the best talent available in the marketplace, that had in past years been difficult to attract and engage.

3) Evaluate your culture, leaders and teams to identify gaps or developmental opportunities as your business transforms more permanently into one that embraces a more remote workplace OR requires new skills, tools and technologies to operate efficiently.

Regardless of your goals, this simple recruiting self diagnostic will help you determine how competitive you currently are and whether or not you should prioritize current or future investments to adapt to a new normal in your business.

Once completed, TalentRise offers an optional. complimentary, one-hour best practices consultation to review your results and offer best practice insights into what other employers are doing to adjust their practices to recruit top talent in these uncertain times.

Below is the rating scale used to evaluate your current practices in our diagnostic tool.


5 Excellent (we do this regularly, consistently and use data and insights to drive continuous improvement)

4 Good (we do this regularly and   in a consistent manner)

3 Average (we do this sometimes and fairly consistently)

2 Poor (we do this inconsistently and in an ad hoc manner)

1 Non-existent (we do not do this at all)


Recruitment Practices Diagnostic