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Why TalentRise? With Carl Kutsmode

Hear from Senior Vice President, Talent Consulting & Executive Search Carl Kutsmode on how the team at TalentRise helps improve and accelerate business results through our commitment to talent optimization.

What makes TalentRise different? A personalized, high-touch approach to everything we do for clients and candidates.

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Salary Guide – Information Technology

Senior-level information technology (IT) talent is highly sought after, and the demand continues to increase. Companies are feeling the pressure to keep pace as the business world evolves. The shortage of qualified IT candidates has heightened competition and brings new challenges in recruiting. Learn from our IT Salary Guide and connect with the candidates you need to keep your business moving forward.

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Salary Guide – Manufacturing & Logistics

Our nation’s post-pandemic rebound will be extraordinary. As business needs begin to ramp up, manufacturers will begin hiring at a feverish pace. Looking ahead to the future, is your organization armed with a well-designed talent approach to recruit and retain in-demand candidates? By leveraging TalentRise’s Salary Guide, you will be ready to attract high-level C-suite candidates with competitive salary knowledge.

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Salary Guide – Engineering & Technology

The demand for qualified engineering talent has increased dramatically over the past few years. And due to rapid growth within the cleantech and renewable energy space, new roles in engineering and technology are emerging almost by the day. Utilizing our 2022 Engineering & Technology Salary Guide will help position your organization to attract qualified professionals with competitive salary rates at your disposal.

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Salary Guide – Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance candidates that have significant experience in predictive analytics, automation, data visualization, and accounting software are more likely to be approached by hiring managers. Leverage our 2022 Accounting and Finance Salary Guide and you will be well-positioned to attract qualified candidates this year and into the future.

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Talent Talk with Jay Pryor

TalentRise welcomed Jay Pryor, Chief Diversity Officer at Sugar Ink, to take part in this latest edition of our Talent Talk series. A transgender and gender-nonconforming advocate who identifies as “they,” Jay is an educator for inclusivity and gender consciousness. They offered the following tips to HR and business leaders on how to develop plans that foster a greater sense of inclusion and belonging for all employees.

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Occupation Outline: Chief Operating Officer

Formulating and executing high-impact business strategies is just part of what makes the role of COO so critical to an organization’s operational and administrative success. Learn more about the latest hiring and compensation trends for COO positions across the country.

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Occupation Outline: Chief Revenue Officer

Optimizing the alignment between sales, marketing, and customer support departments is integral to the creation of new revenue generation. That’s why the Chief Revenue Officer position has become increasingly prevalent in the current business climate. Check out the latest hiring trends on CRO roles nationwide.

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Occupation Outline: VP of Sales

Savvy and experienced sales leaders are pivotal to an organization’s ability to make inroads with new clients while increasing sales revenue. That’s why the Vice President of Sales position is so important in today’s labor market. Check out the latest talent trends on VP of Sales roles from across the United States.

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The Future of Workplace Culture

TalentRise’s Senior Vice President Carl Kutsmode led an HR panel with HRMAC on the future of workplace culture and how organizations can successfully navigate the coronavirus maze in 2021. Check out what industry leaders had to say on how they’re actively preparing their companies for the challenges that lie ahead.

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How to Best Leverage An External Executive Search Partner

When engaging with an outside executive search firm, how can your organization wring every ounce of value out of your partnership to ensure optimal recruiting results? In our latest E-Book, our TalentRise team will educate your organization on how to effectively align with your executive search firm.

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The State of Talent Optimization

This E-Book from The Predictive Index sheds light on the effectiveness of talent optimization strategies and how companies were able to stay afloat despite the pandemic and ensuing economic downturn. Interested in reading about “The State of Talent Optimization”? Download the E-Book today!

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A Manager’s Guide to Remote Work

Are you seeking quantitative data and advanced analytics to help navigate through this period of remote work? Download our free Predictive Index E-Book today to learn how you can lead with confidence and set your teams up for success during this work-from-home environment!

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The Value of Successful Executive Onboarding and Integration

To help our clients optimize their new hire onboarding experience, our TalentRise team worked with our friends at Strategic Talent Solutions to create a compilation of industry-leading strategies and tactical best practices. Interested in learning how you can enhance your onboarding process? Download our free E-Book today!

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Video Interviewing Dos & Don’ts

As the professional world has switched to a virtual setting, so too have candidate interviews. We’ve seen our fair share of mistakes made by jobseekers over the past several months. Download our video interviewing dos & don’ts infographic to learn how you can ace your interview performance!

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Recruitment Practices Audit

With the rapid economic downturn caused by Covid-19 in 2020, many organizations are using this slower hiring time to evaluate internal operations, systems and practices related to recruiting and retaining top talent.

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Talent Tech Today

Talent Tech Today is designed to help HR and talent leaders gain a better perspective on the latest and greatest innovative HR technology. Our video series speaks to HR leaders and professionals who are seeking deeper insight from industry experts.

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Data Culture Readiness Assessment

The effective and consistent use of data to drive people-related decisions provides organizations a competitive advantage in quickly resolving challenges impacted by rapidly changing current (and future) social and economic factors.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Tips from Industry Leaders

From virtual onboarding to online learning and development, learn how to enhance your organization’s effectiveness and efficiencies despite work-from-home challenges.

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From Y to Z: Hiring and Engaging Workers Through the Generations

Strategies and Tactics for Successful Generational Recruiting

In this e-Book, we share the secrets to attracting, engaging, and motivating younger candidates and what they’re looking for in an employer.

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8 Tech Tools Trending in Human Resources

In this fast-paced world of AI and automation, job seekers, employees, and employers are looking to make moves fast—but do you have the tech tools you need to keep up?

Use this resource to extend your reach, engage your audience, and enhance your brand.

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Nine Strategic Tips for Talent Acquisition in the Year Ahead

What you need to know—and what you need to do.

While few trends can ever be predicted with absolute certainty, there’s consensus that the overall demand for talent will exceed supply in many industries, not just in 2017, but beyond.

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Bridge Over Troubled Waters Webinar Series

TalentRise pulled together a group of experienced TA leaders who discussed the various challenges and solutions to talent acquisition during COVID-19.

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